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Certified Medical Interpreters and Communication Specialists

At Medtalk Interpreting, we have highly qualified medical interpreters providing interpreting services to customers in different industries. Our communication specialists are trained to ensure a successful outcome.

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We offer our services with focus in the medical field; working with doctors, patients and medical personnel in breaking the language barriers. We work with insurance companies in handling workman's compensation cases for non-native English communicators.

Count on us to assist you in completing your tasks. We provide our communication expertise during but not limited to the following medical assignments:

• Agreed Medical Examinations
• Independent Medical Examinations
• Qualified Medical Examinations

Panel Qualified Medical Examinations
• Primary Treating Physician & Follow-ups


We offer our interpreting services primarily for clients dealing with Spanish speakers. But our database connections with partners around the world also allow us to help you communicate clearly with anyone speaking any language.

Rest assured that our qualified experts will always provide you with services that exceed expectations. Our competitive pricing also ensures that you need not spend beyond your budget.

Call us in Bakersfield, California, to request for the services of our reliable medical interpreters.